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Respect for the Classics

October 23rd, 2006

IGN just finished compiling a user’s top 100 games of all time list. As I look through it I see games I’ve never heard of, no surprise having little console experience, and games I do recognize. And the games I do recognize are coming in at abysmally low rankings. Starcraft at #74?! Starcraft is ranked lower than Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30? Yet another WW2 game that came out last near, that is no doubt good, but better than Starcraft? Doom3 at #58? Last I read, Doom3 wasn’t being applauded for much other than its graphics. Where are the strategy games on this list? Starcraft and Rome: Total War are the only ones I recognize. Half-Life doesn’t even make an appearance although Half-Life 2 is #5. The top 10 list is made up of mostly games released in the last 2 years! Come on people, let’s respect the classics a little bit more.

I must admit that my enjoyment of classic games isn’t necessarily so much that they are good, as my appreciation of them puts me into a more elite group of gamers who knows secrets that others don’t. But still, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas as the 9th best game of all time?

1 Response to “Respect for the Classics”

  1. Darkell Says:

    Seems to me the list is not necessarily picking which games are good, but which ones are popular. Starcraft and Half-Life are still good games, but they’re not exactly still played or are well liked by the masses.

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