Philosophical Ranting of an Engineer

Ever have a joke that you think is absolutely hiliarious and you feel you must tell someone about it so they can enjoy it with you and if you don’t you’ll explode? So you try to tell someone but you get interrupted and they don’t hear the whole story. Then later you try to explain it again, but no one is listening to you at that point so you stop halfway through. Maybe you try once more, but your delivery is flat because this is the third time you’ve told them and its coming out all wrong and you know its not funny so you stop and forget it. The joke is still funny and you still think your friends would be better of hearing it, but you know you lost your chance.

I haven’t been writing on here lately. Sorry about that. I’m not driven to write. That is not to say I don’t have anything to say or tell you. I find something everyday I think I should post on here because its really cool, or its enlightening, or it will just brighten your day. Or I’ve thought of something that I think would be worth writing down. Or I’ve done something interesting or something interesting has happened to me but I’m not at a computer and I forget later and its lost. I do interesting things, in my opinion, and I think about important stuff, I just am not compelled to write it down in the same way I am not compelled to take pictures of what I’m doing. Look at almost any friend’s Facebook account. I would be that they have numerous pictures on their account, either that they took, or someone else tagged. I haven’t uploaded any, and only recently has someone tagged me. I enjoy pictures. I’m glad those pictures are up there, I just have little desire to take the pictures and upload them.

Among other news, I turned 21 two days ago. I had my first and second beer in the last two days. Beer tastes like carbonated water and I didn’t feel any effect. I’ve decided I must do a scientific test to see how many beers it takes me to get drunk. I started by drinking one last night, tomorrow I’ll drink two, and so on. My friends think this is a stupid, nerdy, plan.

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