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World of Warcraft Plugins

January 18th, 2007


I will be updating this last occasionally as I find new mods. If you people have anything you use and suggest I use, feel free to put it in the comments.

I should have a screen shot of my interface up soon.

Over the past couple weeks, I have begun playing WoW again and quickly realized I needed to find some good interface plugins. It has been over 8 months since I played last and I expected the mod scene to have changed. How right I was.

My friends were using Titan and I remembered this one, it may have been the major plugin I had used, but I wanted to see what else was out there. I found Ace. Ace isn’t a plugin, it is a framework for plugins. It gives plugin authors a base to work with as well as supply a plugin download program that makes downloading and updating plugins easy, important when every single patch can break a plugin or development is moving quickly.

Most of the plugins I had used before I found a replacement for with Ace. There were a few that I did not and had to download seperately. I would like to give you my list as well as a short description of what it is and why I recommend it.

To use the Ace plugins go to and download the AceUpdater executable. You can place this anywhere, I put it somewhere in my interface AddOns folder to make it easy to find.

Essential Ace Mods


Perhaps the single most important add on, this lets you specify icon bars, the ones you put spells on, change their size, columns, scale, location, and numerous other options. I recommend this one for EVERYONE.


This one changes the display of your current status, health, mana, buffs, as well as the same status for your target and your group or raid group. There are many options for how it displays and it lets you move, scale, and do lots of things to the display. I recommend this one for _EVERYONE.


Not really a useful plugin all on its own, it is instead a docking tray for many other “Fubar” plugins. If you want any of those, you need to get Fubar.

Here is an alphabetical listing of my favorite Fubar plugins, bold are what I consider essential.

  • agufFu – lets you access the AG_UnitFrames menu
  • BagFu – tells you how full your bags are
  • ClockFu – displays the time
  • DurabilityFu – displays the lowest percentage durability of your items, and on hover displays all durability.
  • ExperienceFu – displays current experience gained, how much till the next level, how much rested xp you have earned, xp/hr, estimated time till level, etc
  • FriendsFu – displays number of friends online and on hover shows who and where they are
  • GuildFu – the same thing as FriendsFu but for your guild
  • LocationFu – tells you where you are, information about that area, and recommends other areas and instances based on your level
  • MailFu – alerts you to mail when you get it and displays the subject
  • MCPFu – allows you to enable and disable all of your plugins
  • MoneyFu – displays how much money you have
  • PerformanceFu – I like to push WoW as far as it will go on my system and this lets me know my frames per second, ram usage, ping, etc
  • QuestsFu – shows how many quests you are currently on and on hover displays their names
  • SWStats2Fu – lets you access your SW Stats plugin menu (SW Stats itself is not Ace)
  • TopScoreFu – displays the greatest values for normal and crits on your spells and attacks
  • TrainerFu – displays what you can learn from every trainer you have visited and when you level can tell you what you can now learn and how much they all cost (for spells and professiosn)

That’s it for the Fubar plugins. As you can see there are a lot of them, and many more I don’t use.


Replaces your map and does so much more. There are many modules for this and which ones you want are up to you. Some things they do are: remember quest location givers, trainers, treasures, vendors, and much more.

h2 ColaLight

Remembers how much items sell for at the store. Essential for when you are out questing and your bags fill up and you want to know what you should throw away.


Displays information about your currently equipped item when you hover over any armor or weapon. Makes it easy to see if you want to use an item.


Very useful for displaying the current heal of a mob. Also necessary for MobInfo2.

Essential Non-Ace Mods

MobInfo2 & MobInfo2 Browser

Not an Ace mod, you will have to download it seperately. Records and displays information about mobs: life, mana, whether they run, dps, what they drop, what they are immune to. Very useful. The browser just lets you look at all the information you have stored.

GFW Levelator

This displays the level of a quest before you accept it. Not anything earth-shattering, but its how things should be.


Displays nifty maps of different things. Displays dungeons better than Cartographer in my opinion.

Useful (nonessential) Ace Mods


Scrolls through battle events, such as when you do damage or when you take damage. Basically just records everything that happens to you during battle and lets you see it.


Displays how long it takes to fly from flight path to flight path and displays a progress bar while you fly.

OneBag, OneBank, OneView

OneBag displays your bags in one giant bag, no more worrying about what is in what bag. Lets you see the divisions of bags if you really care.

OneBank does the same for your bank.

OneView remembers what is in your bank and lets you see that anywhere.


Colors player names based on class in the chat box.


Shows you what debuffs are on your allies.

ClosetGnome & ClosetGnome_Mount

Allows you to create a set of armor and then put on that set of armor with one click. The mount module lets you specify which sets should be put on when you mount and when you dismount. Carrot on a Stick anyone?

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