Philosophical Ranting of an Engineer

I find the idea that it’s not privacy, or lack of, that is causing the problem here but instead a collision of “fronts” fascinating and wholeheartedly agree. This goes back to “Representation of Self” and is obviously not new to digital identity. We exist within different communities or contexts and act so that others will only see the current appropriate self and thus view our identity within the current context. How is one supposed to act when they are thrown into several of their communities at the same time?

While I have not thought about this much on my own, Cory Doctorow’s (I’ve seen Doctorow speak, he is very persuasive and entertaining) point that Facebook is becoming too large makes me realize one of my own dissatisfaction with social networking sites. On Facebook I try to limit it to people I am close to in real space and so it bugs me when someone I’ve met once, or not at all, wants to be friends. In my mind I view Facebook as the domain of my real space identity and that clashes with my online identity, which exists in places like forums and IRC.


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