Philosophical Ranting of an Engineer

I’m sure you were all holding your breath. I just heard back from my recruiter today and I didn’t get the job.

Considering my goals of wanting to work in the game industry and weighing working at Microsoft on something unrelated to games for two years versus going to grad school learning how to make games for two years, I’m not sure I would have accepted a job at Microsoft. But, I was a little excited about it and disappointed I didn’t get it.

Also, I would have very disappointed if I couldn’t be friends with Tim anymore

So now I’m waiting on RIT to see if I get a graduate assistantship position. I should hear within a week hopefully.

2 Responses to “Microsoft: The Conclusion”

  1. dad Says:
    Did my call to the recruiter suggesting that Microsoft is the Evil Empire have anything to do with it? :)
  2. Tim Says:
    Sorry about not getting the gig. You can still be my friend though. This frees you up for grad school though, no?

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